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The Asgard Defense Story

Asgard Defense was founded by Jeff Costa. Jeff is a CNC machinist and rapid prototyper, with extensive experience building all manner of firearms-related parts and accessories. Jeff, his family and everyone at Asgard Defense are avid firearms enthusiasts, hunters and outdoorsmen. Jeff and much of his staff are also military veterans, who know what it is like to rely on firearms for their lives and the lives of others. This deep understanding of the importance of a firearm’s ruggedness, reliability and function is the cornerstone of Asgard Defense’s design philosophy.

The M127 series of Kriger modular shotgun systems is the culmination of decades of experience designing and manufacturing firearms components and accessories. Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art CNC machining centers and other equipment. This equipment allows the team to manufacture  firearms with a high degree of precision. The exacting standards applied to everything Asgard Defense makes is a byproduct of Jeff’s years of rapid prototyping experience in the firearms industry, medical equipment industry and many other fields. The other members of the Asgard Defense team bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table as well.

Jeff and his team have invested more than five years into the design and testing of the Kriger shotgun. It has been a long, often frustrating road, but we believe the product of these efforts is well worth the long hours invested.

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