Modular design allows owner to set up the gun as he likes, by swapping grips, stocks, rails, barrels, buffer springs and even upper receivers.


The use of an AR buffer system lowers recoil and allows the owner to fine tune the gun with their choice of recoil springs.


CNC machined to close tolerances, from high-grade steels and aluminum. The Kriger was design to be tough.

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Introducing The

M127 Kriger Modular Shotgun System

The M127 Kriger is a semi-auto, tube-fed, 12-gauge shotgun. It was designed as a modular platform, allowing grips, stocks, rails, barrels, buffer springs and even entire upper receivers to be swapped out by the owner, to suit his requirements.

Modularity aside, there are several key differences that set the Kriger aside from its competition. The ergonomics of the grips, safeties, sight height and the stock angle create a shooting experience akin to firing an AR15. The Kriger also makes use of a captured recoil buffer design using standard AR10/AR15 buffer springs, using our proprietary buffer weight. This helps tame recoil and greatly reduce muzzle rise.

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