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Buy An M127 / M127K – Pre-Order Now!

We are now accepting pre-order deposits on the M127 & M127K Kriger!

How the pre-order works:

By placing a deposit of $600.00 (non refundable) you receive a certificate and secure a position on the delivery schedule. This is on a first come first served basis. We will on receipt of your deposit send you an order form to be completed. We will initially only take payment for the deposit and will not keep records of your charge card information. When your order nears completion we will request you contact us directly to pay the remaining balance and verify all pertinent information that is on file. At that point we will ship to the FFL on file. If at some point you choose not to want the firearm you may transfer your deposit certificate to one other party. They will maintain the position on the delivery schedule. It will be their responsibility to contact us for completing a new order form.


Anticipated delivery will start on June 1st 2019. Order fulfillment will be on the order of which received. As production proceeds we will keep you posted as to when your order nears completion. Please keep in mind that we will do everything within our power to deliver to you a top notch product with no compromises and on a reasonable time frame. There are however certain things out of our control such as material shortages. One of the primary purposes of the pre-order is to give us the leverage to buy materials in bulk to minimize that potential issue.


As our way of saying thank you we will hold a contest and randomly draw a winner for the first 300 pre-orders. That winning person will have their deposit refunded and receive a certificate for the amount of their order. At that point they may redeem it for their entire order (not to exceed $2400.00). Sorry, no cash refunds on the certificate. You will be notified at the time of the deposit that you are entered into the contest.

For the first 50 pre-orders we will include at no additional cost a set of Asgard Defense low profile ghost ring sights. ($150.00 MSRP)

Purchase Yours Here


Meet the Asgard Defense M127 Modular Semiauto Shotgun Platform, chambered in 2 3/4” & 3” 12 gauge. This compact, reliable shotgun is tube-fed and utilizes a short stroke external dual-piston gas operation system. The barrel is currently available in three lengths 12.25", 15.0" and 18.5". Screw in interchangeable chokes are standard on all barrels. The M127K model is designated a firearm (As opposed to a shotgun designation) and is available with either a 12.25” or 15” barrel. The M127K is NOT an NFA weapon and can be purchased like any other firearm. There is more information about the M127K below.

As we mentioned above, The gas system is a short stroke external twin piston design. It features removable nozzles and pistons machined from 416 stainless steel to allow for cleaning and inspection. One of the key features of the gas block is a cross plane channel that balances the gas pulse between the pistons. The pistons are kept in position by captured springs which ensure that they are in battery for optimal functioning and not producing any unwanted noise.

The upper & lower receivers are machined from 7075-T6 billet. Design incorporates a fixed lower hand guard and a slide lock top cover that allows access to the barrel and gas system for field stripping. This has the benefit of being able to remove the bolt carrier group from the back of the upper. A mil standard top rail runs the entire length of the upper assembly. The folding non reciprocating charging handle positioned on the left side of the upper allows the user to maintain a firing grip and control the bolt with the off hand without having to reach over the weapon to the right side. In addition it removes the added mass from the bolt carrier and the moving charging handle when the weapon is cycling. The lower receiver is mated to the upper and secured by means of a single pin. This makes for quick take down. The selector is similar in respect to the AR-15. It is ambidextrous and features a spur  trigger type engagement for a positive safe/fire condition. The receiver also houses the buffer system in a carbine length buffer tube. This allows for a wide array of stocks.The same holds true with the grip.

The bolt carrier group and buffer system were designed around the principle of keeping all of the forces in line with the bore axis. The reasoning behind this is under recoil the reciprocating mass will push straight back with minimal muzzle climb. The benefit is staying on target for a follow up shot. By utilizing a carbine buffer system it gave us the ability to use the stiff recoil spring and heavy buffer to control bolt speed. Unlike other designs that use the hammer to reduce bolt speed this gave us the opportunity to use a much less severe angle where the bolt engages the hammer. The result is a smoother reset with a significant reduction of force in that transition point when the hammer is being compressed. The bolt carrier is constructed of a hybrid of materials to achieve the desired reduced mass. Hardened ordnance grade steel to take the punishment of the gas system and 7075 aluminum where the carrier contacts the the buffer. By using this hybrid materials approach we were able to reduce the mass of the bolt to the desired weight.

The M127 & M127K are available with Detachable Ghost Ring sights, as an option. The sights use an overhead floating clamp design that is operated by single set screw. The clamp has a recoil stop that keeps the sight in position under recoil. The thought behind the design was to increase the surface area of the clamping surfaces as well as significantly reducing the footprint of the sights by eliminating the overhang found on external clamps. The housings are machined from 7075 aluminum alloy and the rear sight is adjustable for windage and elevation.