Asgard Defense M127 Kriger

Meet the Asgard Defense M127 Kriger Modular Semiauto Shotgun Platform, chambered in 2 3/4” & 3” 12 gauge. This compact, reliable shotgun is tube-fed and utilizes a short stroke external dual-piston gas operation system. The system features removable nozzles and pistons machined from 416 stainless steel, to allow for easy cleaning and inspection. The pistons are held in place by captured springs, to insure that they are in battery for optimal function and do not produce any unwanted noise, as you move.

Lower Receiver & Upper

The upper is machined from 7075-T6 billet. The design incorporates a fixed lower hand guard and a slide lock top cover that allows access to the barrel and gas system for field stripping. This has the benefit of being able to remove the bolt carrier group from the back of the upper. A mil standard top rail runs the entire length of the upper assembly.

The folding non reciprocating charging handle positioned on the left side of the upper allows the user to maintain a firing grip and control the bolt with the off hand without having to reach over the weapon to the right side. In addition it removes the added mass from the bolt carrier and the moving charging handle when the weapon is cycling.

Like the upper, the lower receiver is machined from 7075-T6 billet as well. The receiver is mated to the upper and secured by means of a single pin. This makes for quick take down. The selector is similar in respect to the AR-15. It is ambidextrous and features a spur  trigger type engagement for a positive safe/fire condition. The receiver also houses the buffer system in a carbine  length buffer tube. This allows for a wide array of stocks.The same
holds true with the grip.

The Bolt Carrier Group

The bolt carrier group and buffer system were designed around the principle of keeping all of the forces in line with the bore axis. The reasoning behind this is under recoil the reciprocating mass will push straight back with minimal muzzle climb. The benefit is staying on target for a follow up shot. By utilizing a carbine buffer system it gave us the ability to use the stiff recoil spring and heavy buffer to control bolt speed. Unlike other designs that use the hammer to reduce bolt speed this gave us the opportunity to use a much less severe angle where the bolt engages the hammer. The result is a smoother reset with a significant reduction of force in that transition point when the hammer is being compressed. The bolt carrier is constructed of a hybrid of materials to achieve the desired reduced mass. Hardened ordnance grade steel to take the punishment of the gas system and 7075 aluminum where the carrier contacts the the buffer. By using this hybrid materials approach we were able to reduce the mass of the bolt to the desired weight.

Loading and unloading

This is one area where we had to go back to the drawing board a lot. We knew what we were looking for. We wanted the loading and unloading to be smooth, with minimal effort, and above all not punishing to your thumb. That’s when we came up with the idea of a segmented spring loaded catch for the shell stop. The catch deflects when you are pushing the cartridge into the magazine tube and the spring force resets its position to hold the cartridges secure. To unload the magazine tube simply push the catch against the inside of the upper and the rounds come out individually.


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